About us

Searching for the best value of a product shouldn't be a hassle.

We are all caught up in many things in our lives. Searching for that perfect product shouldn't take your whole evening, it should be as simple as saying "Go fetch!".

With the help of Goshiba, the first AI-powered sweet doggo, we will help you find that special product you seek. Whatever your budget is.

No sponsored articles, no fake reviews. We strive to be as objective as possible by the means of Artificial Intelligence.

Our Story

As pragmatic buyers, every time we were looking to buy something, we would always end up searching for hours to hunt down that product with the best value possible.

Every time we searched for a clear-cut answer, we would have to battle through dozens of affiliate blogs and sponsored articles.

Some websites do nothing more than describe randomly the product using the most word-count possible to trick the search engine algorithms (and the consumers) into believing their content is the byproduct of tireless work and reviewing.

This technique is known as "Keyword-Stuffing" and plagues the Internet.

We want no part in this and think it isn't what consumers like ourselves are looking for.

We also realized the shopping industry has been using algorithms and Artificial Intelligence for years to analyze and best understand the needs of their customers.

So we thought we could use the same techniques and provide them directly to you... for free. After many trials and years of development...

That's how our company came into this world..!

How does it work?

Whenever we want to select a product with the best value possible, we feed multiple data sets to our custom-built artificial intelligence engine.

These datasets will then be fed into multiple algorithms which have been created from multiple factors.

These algorithms will in turn be used to calculate multiple data points which will form part of the global scoring table of a product.

And... that's it! Just as we humans instantly recognize flowers as being beautiful and sweet, our AI has learned to recognize items with the best value!

It is of course easier said than done.. And that's why it hasn't been done before!

Links on our site might be monetized, which means we can keep our platform free to use, without impacting our neutrality and impartiality. We do NOT accept paid articles and sponsorships

Our Core Values


Our Team


Ever since I was little, I have been on the hunt for good deals and to get my money's worth. Goshiba came naturally to us and absolutely fit our purchase habits. Go Goshiba ! I also love playing guitar and working on new projects.

"When life gives you lemons, juice them up, plant the seeds and throw the rinds back at life"


I love coding, new technologies and bicycling. The startup world has always fascinated me and Goshiba has been on my mind ever since we started working on it!

"It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate : I am the captain of my soul."